How to integrate shurjoPay? Last updated: 2022-07-17

ShurjoPay has multiple plugins, modules and SDK of different programming languages and frameworks ready for the developers. So, the merchants and their developers can effortlessly integrate their respective websites, applications, mobile apps with us.

ShurjoPay also offers four simple RESTful API’s to integrate with the merchant's website and applications. The workflow of each API is described in this developer’s documentation to make sure that the merchants and their developers understand how to integrate shurjoPay with ease.

shurjoPay Developer Sandbox

We have our sandbox ready for you to integrate shurjoPay without any hassle:

Each API with replicated functionalities has sandbox API URL end-points for merchant’s to integrate the demo version and do dummy transactions for testing purposes.

After getting on-boarded with shurjoPay, the merchant will be provided with personalized credentials (username and password and prefix) via official email by the shurjoPay support team, only then a merchant can use the live API URL end-points to do live transactions.

Sandbox API Information:

Sandbox API Url:
API Username: sp_sandbox
API Password: pyyk97hu&6u6
Transaction Prefix: NOK

Plugins / Modules / SDK’s

ShurjoPay offers multi-platform support to integrate merchants' websites and applications with us. Merchants and developers can easily find out the respective platforms on which we are directly giving support with the file for instructions to integrate.


Framework/Language Package Source
PHP & Laravel shurjopay-plugin-php @packagist sp-plugin-php
Opencart shurjoPay extension @marketplace sp-plugin-opencart
WooCommerce Wordpress sp-plugin-wordpress
Whmcs sp-plugin-whmcs
Prestashop sp-plugin-prestashop


Android plugin shurjopay package sp-plugin-android
Android SDk Example (Deprecated) sp-plugin-android
Flutter shurjopay package sp-plugin-flutter
iOS Swift package sp-package-ios-swift
iOS Swift Plugin sp-plugin-ios-swift


Java sp-plugin-java @maven sp-plugin-java
Spring sp-plugin-spring @maven sp-plugin-spring
Javascript shurjopay-js @npmjs sp-plugin-js
NodeJS shurjopay @npmjs sp-plugin-nodejs
Python shurjopay-plugin @pypi sp-plugin-python
.net ShurjopayPlugin @nuget sp-plugin-dotnet
Rust sp-plugin-rust sp-plugin-rust